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Features You'll Love

Round-up Savings

Automatically save the spare change from your everyday transactions

Goal Tracking

Set financial goals and track your progress effortlessly

Personalized Insights

Gain valuable insights into your spending habits and saving patterns

Bank-Level Security

Rest assured with robust encryption and secure data protection

Save Automatically

Round up your daily transactions

Add to your savings every time you make a purchase

Make regular contributions

Boost your savings whenever you want, at your own convenience

Save a % of your income

Automatically set aside a portion of your income every time

Your Chief Financial Officer

No more spreadsheets, no more paper receipts, no more manual work. Automatic tracking, analysis, & goal-setting of your finances - we’ve got your back

The Best Rewards

Instant savings when you spend at leading brands through cashback and discounts

Grow your wealth

Put your money to work through a wide range of investment options that cater to your personal needs and goals

Personalized Investment Journey

Tailored investment strategies based on your personal risk profile/tolerance

Diversified Portfolios

A wide range of mutual funds and mixed portfolios managed by leading investment providers

Automated Investing

Set it and forget it. Create rules to do the heavy lifting of when and how to inves

How Drops App Works

Connect your bank accounts securely
Connect your bank accounts securely
Connect your bank accounts securely
Connect your bank accounts securely
Connect your bank accounts securely

At Drops, we help users tap into the full potential of their finances.  We’re turning the complex act of saving and investing into something simple and seamless


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